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CORDIS was founded with the intent to bridge the gap between software developers and other engineering disciplines.
We provide our customers with the fastest way to create reliable software controlled systems. Our unique technology and approach combines graphical Model-Driven development with automatic code generation, test & commissioning support and equipment simulation.

We develop and deliver a rapid development suite, the “CORDIS-SUITE”, that helps companies to grow their business faster and more sustainable than ever.


CORDIS-SUITE offers a novel graphical Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) solution.
This computer-aided-design (CAD) tooling makes it easy for multidisciplinary teams to develop new systems and quickly iterate toward the perfect embedded software solution. It facilitates the fastest way to create reliable software-controlled systems.

Cordis Suite

The CORDIS-SUITE supports the software engineering process in all development phases:

• Model creation
Domain and system experts together define the detailed system behavior using the CORDIS-Modeler. An intuitive graphical description language (UML subset) enables easy & open communication in the multidisciplinary team. This way of working delivers instant validation of your system. Different disciplines have created a common understanding and shared view on the system to be build. Quality assured!

• Code and document generation
With a simple press of a button, you generate the code and documentation of the system. The generated code is open and readable, nevertheless you will soon prefer to develop your model rather than the changing code. Using automatic code generation will give you the fastest and defect free translation of your design to code: this is what we call truly LEAN software development. The code can be generated for different targets that are commonly used in the industry.

• Test, diagnosis, commissioning
Any team member can work with the intuitive test & diagnose CORDIS-Dashboard to verify the system. With this, each system level can be accessed, controlled and monitored. You will pass the commission phase with a speed never seen before.

• Maintenance
Your system will always be subject to new customer requirements. The CORDIS-SUITE enables you to quickly evaluate the impact of new requirements and supports a fast & reliable implementation, test and verification process. Leaving you with highly satisfied customers and a healthy future-proof business.

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CORDIS is part of the joint venture Softwareport, three innovative companies with a broad scala of competences. This enables a complete platform for integrated vertical solution.



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Softwareport provides our customers a proven, standardised, emulated, integrated, simulated and visualised platform on which software is developed at an unprecedented high level of productivity, quality, insight and visibility not only during the development period, but even more so after “Go-Life”.